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Centro de Investigación y Modelamiento de Fenómenos Aleatorios – Valparaíso
Facultad de Ingeniería




  • Classification in semiparametric nonlinear mixed models using P-Splines and the SAEM algorithm
  • An updated estimation approach for SEIR models with stochastic perturbations: Application to COVID-19 data in Bogotá
  • Forward integration of bounded variation coefficients with respect to Holder continuous processes
  • Characterizing and recognizing exact-distance squares of graphs
  • Minimax properties of Dirichlet kernel density estimators
  • Meteorological, PM2.5 and PM10 factors on SARS-COV-2 transmission: The case of southern regions in Chile
  • On the Consistency of the Least Squares Estimator in Models Sampled At Random Times Driven By Long Memory Noise: The Jittered Case
  • New insights from GWAS on BMI-related growth traits in a longitudinal cohort of admixed children with Native American and European ancestry
  • Representation of solutions to sticky stochastic differential equations


  • Evolving Systems of Stochastic Differential Equations
  • A proof of consistency of the MLE for nonlinear Markov-switching AR processes
  • Clique immersions and independence number
  • COVID-19 : A Comparative Study of Contagions Peaks in Cities from Europe and the Americas
  • Super-resolution wavefront reconstruction
  • Dynamical models to evaluate structure–function relationships in network neuroscience
  • A Bayesian Change Point Analysis of the USD/CLP Series in Chile from 2018 to 2020: Understanding the Impact of Social Protests and the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • High-order functional redundancy in ageing explained via alterations in the connectome in a whole-brain model
  • Long memory estimation in a non-Gaussian bivariate process
  • Reliability Estimation for Stress-Strength Model Based on Unit-Half-Normal Distribution
  • Disconnected Julia set of Halley's Method for Exponential Maps
  • How far are we from predicting multi-drug interactions during treatment for COVID-19 infection?
  • Strong stochastic persistence of some Levy-driven Lotka-Volterra systems


  • Polynomial degeneracy for the first m energy levels of the antiferromagnetic Ising model
  • Adaptive regression with Brownian path covariate
  • Coexistence, dispersal and spatial structure in metacommunities: a stochastic model approach
  • Scalable and accurate method for neuronal ensemble detection in spiking neural networks
  • Hyperharmonic analysis for the study of high-order information-theoretic signals
  • High-Order Interdependencies in the Aging Brain
  • Structural features of the human connectome that facilitate the switching of brain dynamics via noradrenergic neuromodulation
  • The 2-Decomposition Conjecture for a new class of graphs
  • Limit distribution of the least square estimator with observations sampled at random times driven by standard Brownian motion
  • Bayesian inference for fractional Oscillating Brownian motion
  • Parameter estimation for a discrete time model driven by fractional Poisson process
  • Vector-valued generalized Ornstein–Uhlenbeck processes: Properties and parameter estimation